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Hotel Hynek Náchod - ubytování, restaurace

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Cycling became nowadays a very popular way of spending holidays. That is why we allow us to offer you some of nice cycling trips. After abou 400 meters you can reach a bridge over the river Metuje. 

If you go down the river, you will come to the beautifull valley of Peklo and then you can go along the river up to the nature reservation Peklo. After a small snack there you can either come back, or go further, even up to the Eagle mountains.
If you go the other way up the river, you will go through Náchod using a bikeway or through the forestpark Montace, at the end you will come to the Polish border. There you can choose, whether you will cross the border here, or go further along the border up to another border crossing called Malá Čermná,from where you can go through Poland back to Náchod. This bikeway is called Masarykův okruh. link cyklo maps Náchod

There are also more difficult ways, which will lead you for example to the Eagle mountains, Giant mountains or to Teplicko-Adršpašské rocks. . If you want to reach distant places, you can also use a cyclo bus, which can carry you and your bikes.